The Triumph of Trump: Is America’s Future at Stake?

By Zainab Khorakiwala (There have been widespread protests against Trump’s victory and his administration. The success of the American President would depend on the quality of his policies and implementation strategies. Trump has expressed strong political views over three significant aspects, namely, national defense, healthcare and immigration. Zainab Khorakiwala breaks it down for you.)   […]

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Does Deutsche Bank Need a Bailout?

By Basudhara Choudhuri The crash of the Lehman Brothers unleashed a global financial crisis in 2008. Is something similar going to happen again, but this time, with the Deutsche Bank? The US justice department could potentially demand that the Deutsche Bank pay $14 billion in order to settle many high-profile mortgage-securities cases. The amount is […]

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The Story of Poker

By Aarathi Ganesan The scene is a plush royal court, two warring factions of the same royal family, the Pandavas and Kauravas are seated opposite each other; in between them lies a game of dice that is curiously favouring the Kauravas. As each die is thrown and each bet is made, the Kauravas emerge victorious, […]

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Bangladesh: An Ideal Model of Development

By Zainab Khorakiwala With the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, many observers, including political scientists, economists, and socialists, thought that the nation would not be able to sustain independently. However, the resilience of the people and a combination of bold measures undertaken by the Bangladeshi government has unleashed a growth trajectory and enabled Bangladesh to […]

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